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Cinema Meets Blockchain: ‘The Flash’ Launches Web3 Experience



The Flash Web3
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In an era where technology is rapidly evolving, the entertainment industry is not far behind in embracing the change. The latest to join the bandwagon is Warner Bros. with their innovative venture, ‘The Flash Web3 Movie Experience.’ This unique initiative marks the transition of the film industry into the blockchain space, offering an immersive digital interaction and Non-Fungible Token (NFT) perks to its audience.

‘The Flash,’ a film that recently celebrated its one-month anniversary in cinemas, may not have achieved the global sensation status that Warner Bros. initially anticipated. However, it is now making waves in an entirely different market – the blockchain world. The ‘The Flash Web3 Movie Experience’ is touted as the first new release movie to hit the blockchain, offering buyers an unparalleled immersive web3 experience.

In this digital landscape, users can navigate through various locations like the Batplane or Barry’s room. Each location is filled with hidden augmented reality collectables that unlock exclusive content and behind-the-scenes footage. This innovative approach is further enhanced with a redeemable voucher for a DC NFT from the comic publisher’s NFT marketplace and “randomly selected key art” from the film, each with varying degrees of rarity.

The Flash Web3 Movie Experience offers two distinct editions to its buyers: ‘Mystery’ and ‘Premium.’ The ‘Mystery’ edition, priced at $35, includes one of four pieces of key art and one of four dynamic menu interfaces, unveiled post-purchase. This variant has a cap of 10,000 units. Conversely, the ‘Premium’ variant, which costs $100 and has a restriction of 2,000 units, encompasses one out of two motion art pieces, all quartet of navigable dynamic menu interfaces, and unique bonus features.

Every purchase of The Flash Web3 Movie Experience also comes with a voucher that can be redeemed to claim a DC3 Super Power Pack NFT from the DC NFT Marketplace. Each pack contains a randomly selected trio of digital comics, with rarity levels ranging from Common to Legendary.

‘The Flash,’ released just last month, is a film that showcases the lightning-fast hero manipulating time to prevent a personal tragedy, unintentionally rewriting history. Despite a reported $200 million production budget and a $65 million marketing expenditure, the movie garnered a little over $261 million at the box office.

The Flash Web3 Movie Experience marks Warner Bros.’ third venture into the realm of Movieverse NFT releases. The journey began with “The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (Extended Edition)” last October, followed by the 1978 “Superman” movie in June. Interestingly, owners of these previous NFT releases and DC Bat Cowl and DC3 NFT holders will receive early access to the Flash NFT sale. This innovative approach to film releases signifies Warner Bros.’ commitment to exploring new technologies and platforms in the entertainment industry.

In conclusion, Warner Bros.’ ‘The Flash Web3 Movie Experience’ is a pioneering initiative that merges the realms of cinema and blockchain technology. Not only does it provide a captivating digital journey for viewers, but it also paves the way for fresh opportunities in the cinema sector. As our globe progressively embraces a more digitized era, observing the evolution and influence of this fusion of entertainment and tech on the film industry’s trajectory will indeed be intriguing.

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Global Crypto Community Convenes at Dubai’s Blockchain Economy Summit




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Global Crypto Community Convenes at Dubai’s Blockchain Economy Summit, Uniting Industry Leaders for a Groundbreaking Event on October 4-5, 2023

Dubai, UAE – The Blockchain Economy Summit, recognized as the world’s largest blockchain conference network, is set to redefine the future of finance by bringing together key players and experts from the crypto industry. The highly anticipated 8th edition of the summit will take place over two days in Dubai on October 4-5, 2023, in Le Meridien Dubai Hotel & Conference Center, attracting the world’s top crypto companies, blockchain entrepreneurs and AI innovators.

Solidifying its position as a premier event in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space, the Blockchain Economy Summit has achieved remarkable success with previous editions held in London and Istanbul earlier this year. These highly acclaimed summits have further established the event’s global reputation. Notably, OKX, the World’s second-largest crypto exchange, proudly serves as the Exclusive Title sponsor for all of Blockchain Economy’s 2023 Summits.

As Dubai rapidly emerges as a global crypto hub, the Blockchain Economy Dubai Summit will serve as the region’s premier gathering, representing the world of blockchain, cryptocurrency and AI. With participants from over 85 countries, this prestigious event offers a comprehensive program focused on the future of financial technologies, providing extensive networking opportunities for attendees.

“We are thrilled to be back in Dubai, a city at the forefront of embracing blockchain technology,” said Servi Aman, General Manager of the Blockchain Economy Summit. “Dubai’s strategic vision and commitment to innovation perfectly align with our mission to shape the future of finance. This event will spark collaboration and exploration of groundbreaking ideas, driving the crypto industry forward.”

The Blockchain Economy Dubai Summit will feature renowned speakers from various sectors of the tech industry. The first lineup of notable speakers joining the event this year includes:

  1. Martin Hanzl – Head of New Technologies at EY Law
  2. Lennix Lai – Global Chief Commercial Officer at OKX 
  3. Fred Sun – Head of Strategy at Tencent Cloud International
  4. Matthew Sigel – Head of Digital Assets Research at VanEck
  5. Michaël van de Poppe – Crypto Investor, Technical Analyst and CEO of MN Trading
  6. Charles Cheng – Ph.D, Forbes China 60
  7. Sam Blatteis – CEO of The MENA Catalysts
  8. Alex Fazel – Chief Partnership Officer at SwissBorg

These influential speakers, along with many others, will share their expertise and insights, contributing to the vibrant discussions and knowledge exchange at the summit.

The summit will delve into the latest developments and trends within the blockchain, cryptocurrency and AI space, featuring industry leaders, engaging panel discussions, and opportunities for growth and investment. With top crypto companies and tech entrepreneurs converging in Dubai, the event will serve as an unparalleled platform for networking, knowledge sharing, and fostering strategic partnerships.

Dubai’s dynamic ecosystem, progressive regulatory framework, and thriving crypto community provide the ideal backdrop for the Blockchain Economy Dubai Summit. The event aims to solidify Dubai’s position as a global leader in blockchain innovation and accelerate its journey towards becoming a prominent crypto hub.

For more information about the Blockchain Economy Dubai Summit and to secure your participation, please visit the below links:



Discounted Hotel Booking: 

Name: Blockchain Economy Dubai Summit 2023

Date: October 04-05, 2023

Venue: Le Meridien Dubai Hotel & Conference Center

Event Hashtag: #BESUMMIT

Contact address: [email protected]

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