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Exploring BingX: Revolutionizing Social Trading and Pioneering Cryptocurrency Accessibility



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Hello, Ethan! It’s great to see you. How are you today?

Thank you very much; I’m doing well. How about you?

Yes, I’m good. Thank you. I’m very excited to learn more about BingX and its mission. Could you tell me about what BingX does and what it stands for?

Certainly! BingX is a cryptocurrency social trading platform. In fact, we were the first social trading platform exchange, established in 2018. The name “BingX” represents the progress made so far, with “X” symbolizing the interconnected path between users and traders.

BingX is not just a social trading platform; it embodies the vision of engagement, freedom, and accessibility. Our mission is to facilitate the easy transfer of value and make cryptocurrencies accessible to everyone. We aim to create a social trading platform where users of all skill levels can come and trade.

One of our standout features is copy trading. Let’s say you are an experienced trader, and I’m an ordinary user with little knowledge of trading. By connecting my account to yours, any trade you make will be automatically replicated in my account. It allows users to benefit from the expertise of skilled traders.

In addition to copy trading, BingX offers spot and derivatives trading services to users worldwide. We take pride in our diverse user base, with over 5 million users across the globe. Our team supports 16 different languages, ensuring a seamless experience for traders worldwide.

Currently, we are ranked as the seventh-largest derivative exchange on platforms like Coinmarketcap and Coingecko.

That sounds exciting! Could you let me know where BingX is headquartered?

Certainly! BingX’s headquarters is based in Singapore.

I also noticed that you are a speaker at the blockchain event. What will be the theme of your speech?

My speech will serve as an introduction to the various features offered by BingX. It’s aimed at increasing brand recognition and familiarizing the audience with our position as the first social trading platform. Our features have garnered significant interest as the market continues to grow. According to our statistics, we experienced tenfold growth in 2020.

Now, if I may ask, what are your personal opinions on Bitcoin, and what are your predictions for the next year?

In my perspective, I believe the price of Bitcoin will undoubtedly continue to increase. Technological advancements and the current global landscape suggest a positive outlook for Bitcoin’s price. While it is my personal opinion, many experts share the view that the price of Bitcoin will rise as technology progresses.

Thank you very much for your time, and I look forward to seeing you at the next blockchain event.

Thank you for your time as well. Have a great day!

CoinReporter is proud to be a part of the Blockchain Economy Summit Istanbul, where industry leaders gather to discuss the future of blockchain and its impact on the global economy

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Sunmoney Solar Group Embraces the Future with Blockchain and AI at Dubai Event




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The recent Tech Synergy Conference in Dubai saw tech aficionados, thought leaders, and disruptors converge to explore the evolving landscape of blockchain paired with other emerging technologies. A captivating discussion was led by Zoltan Rendes, Sunmoney Solar Group’s Marketing Chief, shedding light on how advanced tech is revolutionizing the green energy sector.

Rendes shared his excitement about the conference’s broad spectrum, covering both blockchain and artificial intelligence. This broad perspective mirrors Sunmoney’s approach, which seamlessly merges both fields. “Having a decade-long presence in Dubai, we’re always on the lookout for market nuances. This gathering provides a rich tapestry of insights into blockchain’s potential avenues,” shared Rendes.

With a commendable legacy, Sunmoney embarked on a mission ten years ago to cultivate a collaborative solar energy initiative. Today, it’s a global behemoth with a clientele spanning 60+ countries and nearing 50,000 in number. The company’s ethos is both clear and pioneering: erect solar installations, facilitate stake purchases, oversee maintenance, trade electricity, and proportionately disburse earnings to stakeholders.

The transformative moment was Sunmoney’s foray into blockchain integration last year. “We’ve embarked on a novel journey where solar installation stakes are represented by digital tokens. Patrons acquire these tokens, with the rest of the process retaining its originality. We trade the electricity and relay earnings in digital currency via the renowned Binance platform,” elucidated Rendes.

Yet, Sunmoney’s vision is expansive. They’re orchestrating growth for their ‘Digital Sun Token series’. While the foundation of these tokens remains solar-centric, Rendes envisions a more holistic approach. “Our current token iteration, DST3, is branching into zero-emission agricultural waste solutions. We’re scouting for sustainable avenues to digitize, resonating with our ethos – ‘Eco-profitability’,” he highlighted.

Rendes was vocal about their affinity for the Binance digital platform, citing its robustness, technological finesse, and industry stature.

The interview underscored the immense potential of blending tech with sustainable imperatives. As the digital realm burgeons and intertwines with multifaceted sectors, torchbearers like Sunmoney Solar Group exemplify how profitable endeavours can concurrently sculpt a greener future.

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