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The Future of Bitcoin, CBDCs, NFTs, and GameFi: Insights from OKX



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CoinReporter interviewed Matthew Osofisan, OKX’s Product Marketing Manager, on the Future of Bitcoin, CBDCs, NFTs, and GameFi and Why to Be Cautious About Regulations.

What do you think is the long-term outlook for Bitcoin, and do you think Bitcoin can become a global reserve currency?

I think it’s a great question. You’re in the right place, asking the right people. I fundamentally believe in the technology that supports Bitcoin as a store of reserve. We’re starting to see a lot more adoption across the world, and as you think about where the next wave of Bitcoin adoption will come from, it will start to come from larger governments, it will start to come from more and more central banks. And I do believe that over time we will see Bitcoin becoming a sort of certified store of value overall. So the potential in the future is almost limitless, and that’s why we believe in the technology that supports it and believes in the future for Bitcoin as well.

Do you think regulation can stifle the development of Bitcoin and the whole blockchain industry?

It really depends on how the regulation is implemented. Here at OKX, we welcome regulation. We want to work with regulators and ensure that not only are we operating in a compliant manner in the jurisdictions we operate in, but we also believe that regulation should support the genesis of this industry, which is the technology. Ensuring that the technology is regulated in a way that does not stifle innovation, provides consumer value, and offers protections in ways that regulators see fit. So we love to work with regulators to ensure that the insiders, the voice of those who are within this industry, are represented. But I do think that proper regulation can actually help to drive adoption and growth overall, and we welcome that. Of course, it should also protect retail users and users who are operating in the institutional sector. Regulation overall, if implemented well and thoughtfully, is very much a welcome change.

Can you tell me, what you think about CBDCs?

I think it’s a great technology that has shown a novel way to create value. Central banks are starting to recognize that implementing a blockchain or ledger technology is a more efficient way to manage things like quantitative easing and also understand the flows coming in and out of the economy. So as a mechanism and as a lever to use, I think CBDCs will become a very important part of government monetary systems. However, I would say that it is something to be cautious of as well at times to understand the implementation, the implications of programmable money in the hands of governments. We have to be conscious of how that’s used. So we would demand transparency and understanding of how CBDCs are implemented. But overall, I do believe that there would be a trend towards CBDCs in some of the biggest governments and monetary systems in the world.

Do you have any use cases for NFTs?

At OKX, we are known as a centralized exchange, but we do have a wide array of products in the DeFi and Web 3 space. We have an NFT marketplace. We have our OKX wallet, which now supports 50 chains. And we very much are creating a marriage between the CeFI and DeFi experience within the OKX app and our website. So for NFTs overall, we support the NFT ecosystem. We love the development that’s happening from Layer 2, of course, on Ethereum, to Layer 2 ecosystems like Arbitrum and Optimism, and of course, others.

Overall, in the interview, Matthew Osofisan discussed their positive outlook on the potential of Bitcoin and CBDCs, their welcoming attitude towards regulation, and their support for the NFT ecosystem and its potential use cases.

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Bitcoin’s Rhythmic Movements: Deciphering the Leading Digital Currency in the Midst of Economic Shifts



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In today’s financially digitalized times, Bitcoin stands as both a symbol of potential and the inherent challenges that come with digital assets. Its market performance often serves as a barometer for other cryptocurrencies, showcasing the overall vitality of the crypto ecosystem.

Currently, Bitcoin’s valuation is pegged at $26,413. A more detailed look reveals a minor dip of 0.50% in a day’s span, contrasted by a notable 1.5% rise over the past seven days. Recognizing Bitcoin as a trailblazer in the realm of digital currencies, its top position on CoinMarketCap is expected, with an impressive market cap of $514 billion. Furthermore, the ongoing currency supply is steady with 19,486,300 out of the total 21 million BTC available.

Venturing into wider economic metrics, the US’s preliminary data on consumer sentiment for September offers a backdrop to interpret Bitcoin’s recent activities. The released UMich sentiment index registered at 67.7, a tad below the forecasted 69.1 and its preceding 69.5.

Surprisingly, there’s a nuanced connection between gasoline prices and this sentiment metric. Over time, financial experts have spotted this underlying bond, suggesting that shifts in gasoline costs might indirectly affect consumer optimism, which subsequently impacts the broader market mood.

Adding to the mix is the noticeable downturn in inflationary expectations. Historically, the Federal Reserve’s overemphasis on such indicators might have been its Achilles’ heel. Yet, the current trajectory paints a vivid picture of a volatile marketplace. Amid this complex environment, the pressing query for many is: Is this the prime moment to delve into Bitcoin?

From a technical vantage point, Bitcoin seems to be treading on thin ice, barely maintaining its stance above the $26,000 threshold. Concurrently, the resistance at $26,500 stands firm, almost acting as a protective barrier. But what past events have anchored it here?

On the brighter side, there’s a descending trend that may cap Bitcoin’s upward journey at about $26,750. If Bitcoin can gracefully sail past this mark, $27,000 emerges as the subsequent milestone. Beyond that, achieving $27,600 presents its own challenges. Climbing over this barrier might propel Bitcoin’s valuation towards an impressive $28,000 or further.

Yet, not all that glitters is gold. The challenging $26,750 descending trajectory is poised to test Bitcoin. A setback here could result in a decline to $26,600 or even a backslide to the $26,000 foundational mark. A gloomier scene, amplified by intensified selling, might drag Bitcoin down to a stark $25,250.

However, for the astute market player, the prevailing scene isn’t without hope. Analytical tools such as the 50-day exponential moving average, relative strength index, and the moving average convergence and divergence hint towards a potential uptrend and continued positive momentum.

Hence, it’s pivotal for market participants to be vigilant of the $26,500 benchmark. This point might just be Bitcoin’s tipping point, with rates above signaling buy-ins and those beneath flagging cautionary tales.

To wrap up, as Bitcoin carves its path through a meshwork of macroeconomic and crypto-specific signals, decrypting its motions demands a microscopic view of its technical underpinnings complemented by a panoramic scan of the wider economic panorama. The choice between acquisition and divestment, invariably, rests at the crossroads of meticulous scrutiny and the investor’s individual risk threshold.

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